Simon Ramampiaro is a Norwegian freelance livery artist and designer in motorsport. Over the last 6 months he has amassed a following of over 20 thousand across social media, engaging millions of motorsport fans. He credits this to unique designs that draw on the sport’s storied heritage while maintaining a contemporary approach instilling each design with its own identity. 
With an extensive background in graphic design and a deep understanding of the unique demands of motorsport aesthetics, Simon brings a refreshing and innovative approach to every project. His ability to seamlessly blend client aspirations with his artistic vision results in stunning and distinctive livery designs that not only meet but exceed expectations.
In addition to his freelance work with liveries and branding Simon collaborates with other prominent artists in different fields in the motorsport media world, being appointed the Art Director for Artix Studio. Artix works with clients such as the WEC, Puma and Formula 1 venues like Silverstone, Qatar and Las Vegas.