3D Livery/helmet Design and 3D Studio Rendering 
Showcasing the design to fans, managers, owners, stakeholders and sponsors in high fidelity is a service speciality of Simon R. Designs.
It is a firm belief that a strong presentation elevates the impact of the design, as well as enhances the wrapping studio's understanding of the design direction in 3D space, leaving the client with an overall better result. ​​​​​​​
Branding package
In addition to providing livery design the package can be extended to racewear, your garage wall, race banners, social media templates, logo and other elements surrounding your brand to give a uniform and easily identifiable presentation.
3D on track render
Rendering your finalised livery on track prior to the season realistically, for marketing, press or social media purposes.
Reveal animation
From a dramatic but simple reveal animation, to dynamic and visually stunning motion. Myself or our team at Artix Studio can provide animations not only showcasing your team or vehicle's new look but also elevating the excitement surrounding your brand. 
Prints/poster and banners
Providing posters for events such as race posters or office decoration, or merchandisable prints for fans lets your new livery shine on the walls of partners, fans, your company, or across social media in a new and engaging format.
Vectorizing shapes and logos of your 3D liveries is a provided option, for a smooth process for your wrapping company of choice.
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