Featuring a unique chassis, 6 different carbon fiber composites, bespoke Pirelli P Zero F1 tires, the AX-01 represents the culmination of visual appeal in a race car.
The AX-01 Formula 1 Concept Car stands as a project of immense pride for me. As an artist, I often focus solely on executing the art on a pre-existing canvas, I made the unconventional choice to create my own canvas. The primary objective was to create a Formula 1 vehicle that adhered to the regulations while boasting a distinctive combination of bodywork elements. A central goal was to have the car be the highest quality virtual representation of a Formula 1 car in the industry, and a true tribute to my idealistic mental image of the current regulation cars. Intended for both personal and commercial utilization at Artix Studios, where I hold the role of Art Director, this car embodies innovation and creativity.
Taking the lead on this project has allowed me to immerse myself in every facet of its development. Beginning with initial sketches in early January, I have since collaborated closely with our team to meticulously refine every detail, pushing the boundaries of excellence within the motorsport industry. My involvement included everything from meticulously hand-drawing every panel, and every panel gap, for seamless integration with our hard surface modeler, to designing the texturing of every surface from the ground up.
Today, the fruition of our collective efforts stands before you as a testament to the dedication and hard work poured into this project. The AX-01 Concept Car epitomizes a harmonious blend of innovation, precision, and passion, symbolizing the relentless pursuit of excellence that defines our team at Artix Studios.

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