A non-commercial portfolio project showcasing the unique aptitude and results to be expected of Simon Ramampiaro Designs.

I reached out to professional alias modeler and automotive designer Lukas Wenzhöfer regarding his McLaren BP23 street car concept, my vision; to re-imagine it as a "future spec" Le Mans Hypercar (LMH). Although this process was fascinating in iteslf I won't go into too much detail in this post, as this process can be fully credited to Lukas' genius. I very much enjoyed the privilege of minor input on the final design.

At this juncture, a critical phase unfolded as the project transitioned into my hands. The intricacies of using CAD models in 3D software, the models being geared primarily towards practical applications, posed a notable challenge in the context of texturing and CGI presentation. My primary objective was to successfully unwrap the model's UVs, a task aimed at achieving a balanced pixel distribution across all surfaces. This crucial step laid the groundwork, effectively transforming the car's structure into a blank canvas, primed for my artistic expression. I tackled this task by applying various UV unwrapping and projection techniques.

My most cherished aspect of this project undoubtedly revolved around the creation of the livery. Drawing inspiration from McLaren's rich heritage, particularly the iconic championship-winning Marlboro liveries, allowed me to delve into the team's glorious past. While paying homage to these classic designs, I embarked on a creative journey to craft a fresh and contemporary aesthetic. The challenge was to infuse the spirit of the past with a novel and modern design language. As I meticulously blended elements from McLaren's history with innovative concepts, I managed to achieve a truly unique livery that not only captures the essence of the team's legacy but also propels it into the future with a dynamic and unmistakably modern flair.

I created a poster that embodied the very same aspirations, a homage to the classics, while staring daringly into the future. An aspect that was elemental in both the poster and the livery were the streaking lines, separating light from dark, inspired by the lights of prototypes rushing down the Mulsanne Straight in the dead of night. 

In the realm of CGI presentation, the endeavor extends beyond mere creation; it demands a level of realism that resonates profoundly. To achieve this, a methodical hands-on approach becomes crucial. My approach was to hand-paint the wear and weathered look synonymous with endurance racing, all with the goal of infusing a genuine sense of lived-in authenticity.  Moreover, a key component involved refining and compiling the shaders in the render engine, the final outcome serving as a true testament to the fusion of artistic ingenuity and technical finesse.

I believe most aspects of the project are better described with images than words. On that note I will leave you to enjoy the results of my labor.


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